Dalia for Plant Foods CO.

Ya Dal Foods

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No: Amman - Northern Marka,
AsShadi Street ,
Building 19

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Dalia Project

There is no doubt that the demand on healthy, natural and non-food alternatives to food products has increased significantly in recent times, but unfortunately it is difficult for the consumer to obtain such products because they are not widely available in the market or expensive.

For the first time in the Arab countries and the Middle East, a team of Dalia has been working on a project that provides 100% healthy natural plant foods and is free of all additives, materials, colors and high quality. After a long study and a number of experiments, it has been concluded that the quality of the natural products currently available in the market, as well as the quality of the materials containing unnatural materials and elements at an unprecedented price, have been reached.

To increase the minimizing of the costs on the consumer and especially within the current hard economic situations, the idea of this project came to fill most of the products and wrap them to be used only once as portions in packs and sachets from 12 grams to 1 kilogram.